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Back    Directed Force Reno 2.0 Mallet Putter
Directed Force Putter
Directed Force Putter
Directed Force Reno 2.0 Mallet Putter
Directed Force Reno 2.0 Mallet Putter


Our Price: $399.99

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Our Price: $399.99



Directed Force Reno 2.0 Putter

The Second Generation Reno 2.0 mallet putter

This putter is new to our store and we are really excited about the innovation that has been put into this mallet putter! Direct Force developed an entirely new formula and approach to club balance to eliminate unwanted head rotation and torque. 


  • The shaft travels through through the grip's elliptical shape off-axis 3 degrees, not through the center of the grip like most putter. 
  • Each Direct Force putter is measured to your specifications from shaft length to lie angle. 
  • The head design ensures consistent center of gravity. 
  • Forged from 6061 aircraft aluminum and heat treated to eliminate inconsistancies in the metal. 

The shaft is set right at 79.5 but only .5* forward lean. 

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